Published January 30, 2021

Microsoft Secure Score API update reflects recommendations in Microsoft 365 security center

Reference ID: MC236350

MC236350 – Microsoft Secure Score recommendations delivered via API will look and be weighted the same as the recommendations you currently see in the Microsoft 365 security center.

Key points

  • Timing: late-February through late March 2021
  • Roll-out: tenant level
  • Action: review and assess 

How this affects your organization 

In the previous Secure Score model, a single security recommendation could grant up to 50 points for completing it. In the new scoring model, the maximum number of points you can achieve for completing a single recommendation has been reduced to 10 points. This changes the total number of achievable points and how each recommendation is weighted.

You will see a change if you have implemented a process to get alerts when old recommendations are removed, points are reduced for a recommendation, or a new recommendation is added.

What you need to do to prepare 

Prepare to adjust your processes to accept the new scoring model.

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