Published March 3, 2021

New bank accounts are no longer supported in US/France/Italy/Spain/Belgium/Portugal/Luxembourg

Reference ID: MC242581

MC242581 – If your tenant is outside US/France/Italy/Spain/Belgium/Portugal/Luxembourg you can disregard this message.

We are phasing out bank accounts as a payment method from all portals including Microsoft 365 admin center. Beginning January 26, 2021, you can no longer add a new bank account or modify an existing bank account payment method. You may continue paying for Microsoft Services with an existing Bank Account that is in good standing.

Key Points

Action: review Manage payment methods to ensure your payment methods are up to date

How this affects your organization

If you are using a bank account as a payment method you are not impacted at this time. 

What you can do to prepare

For future purchases, we recommend using a new credit or debit card or pay by using an invoice (check or EFT). Instructions can be found on your invoice PDF.

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