Published March 25, 2021

New release cycles and options for Microsoft Edge

Reference ID: MC246270

MC246270 – We’re making some changes to the release cycle cadence for the Microsoft Edge browser application.

Expected to start with Microsoft Edge major version 94, we will be adopting Chromium’s new 4-week major release cadence. Additionally, we will offer an 8-week major release Extended Stable option for enterprise customers looking for a longer timeline to manage updates.

How this will affect your organization:

Once this change occurs, Microsoft Edge will move from a 6-week major release cadence to a 4-week major release cadence. Additionally, a new 8-week Extended Stable option will become available. 

What you need to do to prepare:

Please read our blog for more details. We will share more information on the Extended Stable option at a later date.

You will still be able to update Microsoft Edge automatically using Microsoft Edge update policies. Starting with Microsoft Edge 94, major version updates will be published to WSUS every four weeks.

Additional Information to learn more:


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