Published November 20, 2021

Service health dashboard surfacing issues that require action

Reference ID: MC299401 | Effective: November 29, 2021

MC299401 – There are times when issues may arise in your environment that require an admin to take action. These types of issues are not caused from the Microsoft services being unhealthy but something specific to your organization. 

When this will happen:

Microsoft will be rolling this out starting in late November and expect to complete by early December.

How this will affect your organization:

Admins will have a new section in the Service health dashboard marked as “Issues in your environment that require action”. Issues that show up in this section will require admins to take an action to resolve. Issues that show up in this new section are not issues with the Microsoft services but could affect them if not taken care of. 


  • Usage quotas close to being exceeded
  • Service throttling due to customer side issue
  • Customer certificate expiration

What you need to do to prepare:

No preparation is needed. Please visit Microsoft 365 admin center’s Service health dashboard to view the new section.

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