Published December 15, 2020

We’re introducing recommended bookmarks for Microsoft Search Answers

Reference ID: MC229944

MC229944 – We’re improving Answers administration in Microsoft Search by recommending curated bookmarks, making it easier for you to promote authoritative resources in answer to search queries.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 68864

When this will happen

  • We are beginning the preview in late December 2020; it should be complete in late January 2021.
  • We will begin rolling out the feature in early February; it should be generally available in early March 2021.

How this will affect your organization

Microsoft Search will recommend resources from across Microsoft 365 SharePoint sites for you to consider as bookmarks that serve your users as Answers, which are similar to Acronyms. Our recommendations reduce the need for you to manually find relevant information to promote when your users enter a specific keyword or keywords into Microsoft Search.

Microsoft Search prioritizes curated bookmarks in search results. In this case, the keyword is Marketing.

What you need to do to prepare

Recommended Bookmarks in Microsoft Search are enabled by default. Manage recommended answers in the Search & intelligence admin center.

Microsoft 365 admin center > Settings > Search & intelligence; select Bookmarks under Answers. Change status to “Publish” or “Exclude”.  

Note: You must have enabled Microsoft Search in Bing for users to see these recommended answers.

Review the recommendations. 

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