Published December 10, 2020

Planner tasks storage location update

Reference ID: MC229058

MC229058 – Beginning in January 2021, a copy of some Planner tasks will be stored in a user’s Exchange mailbox. All Planner tasks will continue to be stored in the Planner Service.

Key points

  • Timing:
    • Production: mid-January – late February 2021
    • GCC: late February – early April 2021
  • Roll-out: tenant level
  • Action: review and assess by January 20, 2021

How this will affect your organization

A secondary copy of Planner tasks which are assigned to at least one user will be stored in the user’s Exchange mailbox. If a task is assigned to multiple users, each user will have a copy of the task stored inside their individual mailbox. Unassigned tasks will not be copied to a mailbox.

For end users, existing To Do, Planner, and Outlook Task experiences will remain the same.

This update supports our work to add Planner tasks to eDiscovery and to build deeper integrations between To Do and Planner. 

What you need to do to prepare

There are no changes to admin or end user experiences.

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