Published March 16, 2021

Changes to Microsoft To Do Support Experience

Reference ID: MC244604

MC244604 – We have made some changes to the support experience on Microsoft To Do. On the Android, iOS, Web and Windows apps while the experience remains the same, we have made a few changes to the Support module that will require the app to be updated.

On MacOS we will no longer support the in-app chat experience to raise support tickets. Instead, on Mac, clicking on “Get support” from “Help” will open a webpage from where support tickets can be raised. 

When this will happen

This was an emergency roll-out that needed to be made as part of our app update 2.39 (which is already available on various Stores). 

How this will affect your organization

Users who are on app versions 2.38 and older will need to update to the latest version to ensure that any support tickets are routed to To Do’s updated support domain.

What you need to do to prepare

Please ensure that your tenant’s users are on app versions 2.39 and above. 

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