Published April 20, 2021

New PowerShell to enable or disable the link to return to classic SharePoint

Reference ID: MC251565

MC251565 – On modern SharePoint list and library pages, there’s a link in the lower left of the page that says “Return to classic SharePoint.”  This link reverts the current list or library back to classic mode.  On the classic page, there’s a corresponding link that says, “Exit classic experience.”  Tenant administrators can now control whether these links appear.  By default, these links are shown on all list and library pages to all users. 

To remove the links, run the following PowerShell cmdlet:

  • Set_SPOTenant -DisableBackToClassic $true

To show these links again, run the following PowerShell cmdlet:

  • Set_SPOTenant -DisableBackToClassic $false

When this will happen

These PowerShell cmdlets will begin rolling out to Targeted Release environments in late April.  They will be available in all environments by the end of May.

How this will affect your organization

No changes will occur to your environment until one of these commands is run manually.  You can use these cmdlets to control whether the “Return to classic SharePoint” and “Exit classic experience” links are shown.

What you need to do to prepare

You do not need to prepare for this change.Additional information

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