Published May 20, 2021

Power Apps can now display images from Microsoft Lists

Reference ID: MC257468 | Effective: June 1, 2021

MC257468 – Power Apps image controls can now display images that are stored in image columns in Microsoft Lists. Images can be displayed in four sizes: small, medium, large, or full.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 81986

When this will happen:

  • Targeted release will begin rolling out in early June 2021 and will be complete by mid-June 2021.
  • Standard release to all other cloud environments will begin in mid-June 2021 and be complete by end of June 2021. 

How this will affect your organization:

New apps that use the SharePoint connector to add a list as a data source may display images from the list if they are present in the list. Existing apps can also be updated to show images.

What you need to do to prepare:

You might want to notify your users about this new functionality and update your training and documentation as appropriate.

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