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Image Tags in SharePoint

MC272451 – Currently, when images are uploaded to SharePoint, a column named Tags is automatically created and includes descriptive labels to help with...


Sender-recipient pair receiving limits in Microsoft Office 365

MC272450 – Microsoft is updating their receiving limits in Exchange to help prevent attacks on your mail flow experience. Earlier this...


New Side-by-side and Reporter Presenter modes with desktop and window sharing

MC272447 – This new first of its kind feature release will allow presenters, while sharing a screen in Presenter modes, to...


Real-time messaging protocol (RTMP) Streaming Support to Custom Endpoints

MC268726 – Updated July 21, 2021: Microsoft has updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience. Microsoft Teams will...


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Microsoft is updating the Hybrid federated search

MC270671 – Updated July 21, 2021: Microsoft has updated the content below to provided additional clarity. Thank you for your patience....


Pin a chat message

MC272167 -Users can now pin a specific message, providing chat members with quick access to critical content at anytime. This message...

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Reminder: Microsoft 365 apps and services ending support on IE11 beginning August 17, 2021

MC272080 – As communicated in MC220490 (August ’20), Microsoft 365 apps and services have been focusing their efforts on modern browser...

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Evolving the Microsoft Store for Business and Education

MC272078 – This message is for customers who are using Microsoft Store for Business or Education. Microsoft is announcing exciting plans that bring...



New default native notification setting for new Teams users

MC271919 – With this change the default Notification Style (specifically for new users) will change to Native Notifications from Teams Built...


Variable playback speed for Teams meeting recordings

MC271911 – For Teams meeting recordings saved to OneDrive & SharePoint, you’ll now be able to change the playback speed...