Published April 7, 2021

GoLocal support for Live Events

Reference ID: MC249249

MC249249 – Note: This announcement only applies to customers who are currently able to utilize Live Events. If you do not currently have access to Live Events you may ignore this message.

This was originally communicated in MC242342 (March ’21). Microsoft has enabled GoLocal support for Live Events in France, Germany, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates in March.

When this will happen

The new capability is available now.

How this will affect your organization

Customers in the newly enabled GoLocals will now be able to hold a Live Event.

What you need to do to prepare

If you were previously enabled to use Live Events but did not have GoLocal Support in your country, Microsoft will not automatically migrate your existing Teams Live Events to your home country. Your data will continue to be hosted in the regional datacenter.

If you would like to use your country’s GoLocal datacenter instead of your regional datacenter, please contact support directly to formally request the change in datacenter.

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